The $1 Greenhouse

No, I wouldn't rest until I finally found you the $1 greenhouse. Click the link to enjoy.

The $1 Greenhouse?!
Update: A slightly upgraded version. (Turn existing garden beds into a micro-greenhouse for garde-fresh veggies all year.)

Yes! Brought to you by the guy who brought you the...

$1 Solar Food Dehydrator
$20 Shelter (and the $1 kayak)
$6 eyeglasses without a prescription
The electricity-free incubator
and how to be refrigeration-free if the SHTF.
The $50 house
and the $1 raised garden bed.

I wasn't satisfied just showing you dirt-cheap international travel through 
It wasn't enough to tell you how to cross the country for as little as $40 in gas
It wasn't enough to tell you about the ultra-efficient pack animal whose healing milk sells for $10 to $20 per pint and pays for itself in a few months.
Showing you how to "buy land" for $30 an acre.

(And since this article is about the $1 greenhouse...)

Liberation from the Big Farm Tool megacorps. 

Free DIY Soil Blocker from Household Parts

For those who transplant soil blocks (designed to to prevent plants from becoming root bound) I wasn't satisfied showing you how to save hundreds of dollars by using an efficient, home-made soil blocker (and an ingenious 2-stage version) to greatly extend your growing season, creating happy transplants that aren't stressed or slowed, without spending $50 to $200 on soil blocking tools.

This might be your first, character-building experience in mass production of food for your family. If you can mass-produce your own food efficiently, prevent weeds efficiently.

Because we're in the business of routinely doing the impossible.
And we're doing it with trillions of dollars less money than the other guys.
Rejecting their materialism and embracing the necessity and the virtue of self-sacrifice which sets us free from their systems of  control. 

We're a movement built brick-by-brick by weaponized autism.

We're not just here to complain about things. 

We're here to change the world. 


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