Top 10 Mistakes People Make in Real Estate Wholesaling

There are about 10 major mistakes people make in wholesaling.

You're going to find out all about it in the Wholesaling, Inc. podcast. Most common sticking points, and I just sent it out to my $1,997 per seat students. It's so important, I'm sharing it with you, too.

But it seems there's one he may have missed. And it's so important.


Do I do it myself? Does it get me results? Napoleon Hill called it the ONLY thing all successful people had in common.

As you know, successful people can do almost anything they want. They can practically get away with mass murder.

And it's true today. For the same marketing cost to generate leads, (unless they're PAYING YOU to advertise your business), you more than double your REVENUE (not just profit) by following up.

Typically 50 to 70% of that business revenue, reportedly, comes from following up on leads. Leads who said, "no." Those who said, "not interested" or "not now" or "I'm not sure" or "I WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT."

Anything and everything except a signature means you need to follow up. In some businesses, you have to continue following up until they've paid you, but that's a topic for another time.

YES. I've done it.

I've now hit 70+ segments of Terms of Fair Use, AND about that many emails, blog posts, videos, audios, free courses and a physical newsletter just to get you this far.

And it worked and worked and worked and keeps bringing me contributions and volunteers and students and it will continue working when I work it. The lesson: Follow up.

It's simply human nature.  It's universal. For example.

I had a girl who practically stalked me for 7 damn years with her never-ending follow-up phone calls. That was her only technique. Worked like a champ.

She wasn't even that cute, but she was persistent as hell. It worked and it kept working for YEARS. Embarrassed to admit I kept dating her even when it made no sense.


I wouldn't be talking to you about wholesaling today unless Ron had sent me more and more mailers every month, magazines loaded with success stories and testimonials, which I ignored like it was a pile of bills.

But eventually, he wore me down and I looked at it again and I was hooked. Why? Because I was FINALLY READY.

What's the lesson? It's probably the #1 most important lesson in any business.


Be persistent.

Now if it's for you, go listen to 10 major mistakes from wholesaling, inc., no matter what industry you're in. A lot of it applies to any kind of business, including your leftist-proof service business.

- Fair Use


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