You should never hit a woman... unless

It's always wrong to hit girls. Why? Because it is, ok?
Unless you get accused of doing it.

DNC NPC Michael Avenatti was arrested and denied bail [What? No? Out in five freaking seconds roaming around free? Sheesh.] allegedly pummeling a woman like an African immigrant (or words to that effect), a charge he scrushibously [or insert your own $5 word here] denies!
After all, you should NEVER LISTEN TO WOMEN, apparently, it seemed like he'd had a slight change of heart about the judicial process.
Because women are a dirty pack of liars, as he makes clear in this recent tweet.

While he seemed perfectly willing to throw Kavanaugh under the bus just because one political opponent was willing to perjure themselves, and at the time, it seemed sensible to urge everyone to listen to women, those rules only apply when you're not the one who's accused.

FHS, (for heaven's sake), we all know every woman is a flawless, perfect angel who's incapable of doing wrong.

Which is why it's so important to keep up a healthy dialogue between the sexes. You don't want relationships between the two sexes to break down. That's just what the enemy expects us to do...

Never  hit any woman with anything ever. Unless it's a wave of murdering rapist economic migrants. 

Also, commies aren't people.

Glad we cleared that up. 


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