Refugee Dreamer Girl Unsure When To Take Her Clothes Off

NYC refugee dreamer Ocasio-Cortez [Insert Flavor of the Week] hoping to immigrate to Congress in DC doesn't know when to take her clothes off. She's clearly confused about the situation she's in, and not quite sure what to do.

As you know, this is America, the land of opportunity where anyone from any non-banned country can come and take off your clothes or sell your immortal soul for money. As long as you know when and where. Like a street corner. Or Congress.

But it's so hard to keep track of which thing to sell, body or soul, street corner or Congress.
Refugee dreamer girl with breasts but can't figure out how to get apartment runs country.
You can imagine when she was young and full of ambition, over-hearing a conversation that changed her life.
"The highest paid corporate whores are in Congress, Don."
From that moment, she knew she'd never have to turn twenty dollar tricks on the corner in the Junited Estates anymore.
Imagine her wide-eyed surprise when she realized it doesn't take much for a sell-out whore to become a member of Congress!
No more beatings!
But it's all so confusing. So many new rules. Hard to assimilate to the new customs. You whore yourself out for corporate money, but still cling to old, comfortable habits.

"?Is theess where I doo eet, cabron?"
As long as you smile and seem kinda pretty (to the kind of guys whose wives keep their junk locked up in a cage), and you sound vaguely political, you can get elected as a brown woman, even though you don't even know how to use your breasts to pay for an apartment.


Some meanies DON'T BELIEVE WOMEN that refugee prostitutes from NYC can't afford a DC apartment!

How rude!

But remember: Congress is open to everyone. No borders, no walls. No USA at all. You don't have to know how to be a Congresswoman, someone should help you do it. I'm sure there's a Marxist government program for that. One she enthusiastically, continuously consents to, whether she wants to or not.

We'll keep on top of her as she develops.

I mean we'll keep abreast of the story. As IT develoobs.

I seem to have boobed it all up. Subscribe to email list anyway, and learn to retake the 4th branch of government, the media. Otherwise their lies will continueturning the Republicans into Democrats and turning Democrats into communists.


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