I Identify as Hireable.

They say the truth will set you free. And it's true.

The truth will set you free. The truth is Americans live in a communist country where you have to tell the truth to get ahead, get promoted, and even get hired or get into college.

What truth is that? That 30,000 years ago, our ancestors came from Africa, and that we're all African Americans, and are welcome to identify as such whenever it suits us.

Now, I wouldn't necessarily want the job working for an employer who required me to be a pre-op transgender genderfluid African lesbian presenting as white. But we all know how the game is played.

Elizabeth Warren identified as whatever she felt like.

"It was real in my mind."

To get the qualifications you want, you can play in one of two worlds. The world in which you work hard, gain competence, and give excellent service at a less prestigious line of work, potentially making killer money with a vocational education, or you can cling to the hope of having a desk job.

As usual, when presented with a false choice, there is always a third path forward. And it's simple.

Tell the truth that being a cis hetero white male is nothing to be ashamed of, embrace the power and glory of your destiny, and aim to achieve what God made you capable of achieving.

It's the third path. The specifics are found elsewhere in this blog.

1) Play the game. Work for soul-sucking commies as the brimstone rains down on Sodom.

2) Roll up your sleeves and do some real work and get paid quite well for it. More than enough to raise a family.

3) The third path: Glorious conquest, like  Alexander the Great.

You're not going to get promoted? Fine. Promote yourself to the top.

Hey. The world exists. Someone's gotta conquer it.


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