Which Jew is Right About my Food?

Hi. I'm Fair Use. My family grows like a weed when we listen to our Father in heaven.

On the internet, you'll find lots of people with "Jewish" surnames proposing contradictory ideas about growing things.

Comfrey, a nitrogen-fixing permaculture staple, is the perfect plant because it grows like a weed, bringing up nutrients. At $15 per 3 year-old root, it had better. It does all these things without any inputs or help.

Except where it doesn't.

Comfrey doesn't grow well where it doesn't grow well. Imagine that. You need a freaking science degree, man.

The instructions say to use aged manure. Um... Kinda didn't need seem to need any aged manure to grow all the edible dandilion weeds that grow like weeds no matter what I do to them. I will always have dandilions until I move to a place where they don't grow.

I don't eat them. Need to find what does.

Bumble bees love them. Naturally, the landlord has taken out a contract on their lives because if it grows like a weed, it must be a weed, not a crop.

So do potatoes, which are therefore cheap. Useful. Edible. Helpful. Life-saving. But who plants them when they're a couple bucks per bag at the store? The store will "ALWAYS BE THERE", right?

So why grow the most calorie-dense food per square foot? Where's the profit? The easy money? Why grow what you can go down and buy anywhere?

Blackberries are edible as hell. A superfood. They grow anywhere you don't kill them with fire. But because they grow on their own, they're a "weed" and must be tamed.

Rasberries have that reputation, but once planted here, they all died. And without using any raspberry-killing chemicals. (That I know of.)

The pine trees grow like crazy, no matter what.  They attracted hummingbirds, provided shade and wind shelter. Naturally, we were required to cut most of them down. Because reasons.

Black locust, a fast-growing tree and nitrogen fixer (that does what comfrey is supposed to do) brings up minerals and moisture, grows and gives shade (to preserve soil moisture) in the drought months. Landlord sends Mexican crews to cut them all down because they're an "invasive species."

If you're dumb enough to cut it down instead of harvesting the mineral-rich mulch it provides, it grows a thousand tiny trees to spite you. But leave it alone, or trim it back as needed, and it  showers free minerals all over your garden.

It's strip-mining the useful minerals for you, but without the strip mine.

And its thorny branches, left on the ground, prevent neighbor's dogs from pooping in your yard. Who needs a fence when you've got instant pain for nasty trespassers?

Opossums MAY carry disease. Sometimes do. So do you. And I keep that in mind when interacting with disease-carrying humans.

But the 'possums sure as hell eat up all the deer ticks. And ticks definitely carry Lyme disease. And that will make you into a disease-carrying human. Don't want those around.

But "it could be diseased" is reason to get rid of mosquito-eating bats, right? Mosquitoes carry disease, too. You don't want what they've got and you don't know where they've been.

Bats and possums could destroy disease. Therefore anything that might be a natural habitat that attracts possums has to be cleaned up, the landlord demands. Things that look like compost piles, for example, that might feed the neighborhood in the coming famine. (There's always a coming famine. The Great Depression is an example.)

The land must eliminate habitats friendly to wise gardeners who aren't threatened by the existence of possums and slug-eating snakes and migratory ducks. Somehow I think I'll survive the existence of the animals God sent my kind to the earth to subdue.

Filthy nature-hating communist swine hate everything that thrives. Including white people, who they're systematically displacing. Because some "Jew" knows better than anyone else on earth, don't you know?

Those with Jewish surnames can tell you the pests on your plants are telling you that a plant is stressed.

Another may tell you that pest pressure is inevitable. Which is it? A sign of stress or an inevitability?

Should I put beneficial ladybugs and animals in my gardens that eat all the slugs and aphids or not?

It's a fact that ladybugs eat aphids. Fact. They also fly away and eat the neighbor's aphids. Ladybugs have wings. Fact.

Weeds can be controlled (almost without weeding!) by proper use of food-grade cardboard, with plastic sheet or paper plates, with wood chip mulch, or by giving plants a 3-week head start in a nursery. Or a combination of those things.

Because mother nature is modest and wants to be covered.

Or you can grow with hydroponics and aquaponics, which is the right answer except when it's wrong.

You can grow plants, but every farmer says livestock is easier.

The easiest livestock is sheep, which can live entirely on grass. Except when the parasites on the grass kill them all off, requiring profolactic treatments, huge vet bills, de-worming, and they all die.

That's the easiest of all animals. Mows your lawn for you.

The right answer, sometimes, is to be a lead farmer, and kill off all the bastards who hate nature, who hate everything that lives and grows and thrives, who hate doing what works, sharing correct and useful and helpful information.

I've seen plenty of people succeed with the style or technique that works for them. I've seen others fail to replicate their results.

What's the right answer?

Do what works for you. That means doing what works in your area.

Start with what's already thriving. Nature is a motherf--ker. An angry, vengeant, Father full of wrath and mercy who lets you do things your way until he's grown completely sick of you doing things your way.

He won't let you fight Him forever.

Then He goes ahead and does things HIS way, grows the hell out of the black locust, the mighty, fearsome pine trees, the ubiquitous possums who, though they die on every street, cannot be destroyed by any means man will ever devise, He will send the deer and the blessed Lyme-diseased ticks He sends to kill off all the filthy, diseased commies who hate his grand and beautiful design, who feast on the dandilion and reward those who hunt and kill and eat the deer, instead of trying to grow a f-ckking golf course patch of f-cking grass in their front yard.

He sends the soft, thick, beautiful moss, the armies of worm tracktors and nemotodes to burrow through the soil and feed the deep tap roots digging their own well dozens of feet down, past all the rocks.

He sends fleets of ducks from hundreds or thousands of miles away to feast on the legions of plant-eating slugs, mosquitoes while the filthy commie landlord drains and mows down the pond where they gather to exchange stories of their adventures.

While every man in tune with nature, at peace with his friends, the crows, the bumblebees, his little possum friends, the deer, the bears, the mighty sequoia pines, and the wrath of the great volcano mountain looming high over all the fools, threatening to smite them with a mudslide on the day it chuckles along with the Lord our God as bulldozes over hundreds of thousands of diseased commie pervert corpses, washing them away and burying them under yet another of a thousand layers of rocky mud that has carved the Pacific Northwest into a fearsome cathedral in honor of the Almighty and His eternal will.

Instead of figuring out what to plant, take a look around and see what God has already planted for you. And do likewise. Be in harmony with His will. And fear Him. And stop associating with and supporting those who hate Him. They'll be killed by disease, fire, flood, mudslides, eruptions, famine, and everything else.

I am white. I thrive with or without help. I thrive despite poisons and curses, pests and vermine. I am a weed.

My people are like a heaven-sent weed that grows and thrives and nourishes the places where we settle.

A weed God sent to instruct the fools by our example. Because I'll thrive with or without your help, despite your curses, those who bless us will be blessed. Those who curse us will be cursed.

Blessed is he who blesses that which thrives despite abuse, and cursed is he who curses that which thrives despite your curses.

If something cannot live without seeking out moral weakness and feasting on it, can only live by culling the filthy, mentally deranged, diseased, naive communists, it is a parasite. And the healthy must cleanse themselves and their environment and nations of such rootless, opportunistic parasites, or leave that filthy swamp for healthier lands.

Know the will of the Father and be strong, healthy, and powerful. Let Him instruct you. And obey Him. Let Him fight for you and destroy your enemies for you.

Be at peace with His will. Listen to Him. Let Him destroy what is weak, and what therefore must be destroyed and replaced with whatever is strong in His eyes. Whatever is mighty and grows like a weed, like our family does, when we listen to Him.


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