How To Carve Your Ideas Into The Public Mind Forever

You are a threat to the system with every heartbeat.

Because at every moment, you can carve your ideas into the public mind forever.

The steps themselves are very simple. And I've proven them once again.

Like our ancestors before us, in every successful movement and empire of every kind, I've burrowed in like a tick, and cemented these ideas through the tireless efforts of the fanatics who love them.

And therefore, the success of our ideas is inevitable, tested, and repeatable.

Time will bring our ideas to full fruition because an artisan with an iron tool will always chisel them them into being.

And the stubborn rock of society has already yeilded to the ancient craftsman.

And, if you behave like our successful ancestors, and not like the mindless normie sheep (of any group) complaining and baying helplessly at the wolves, then by taking the correct path, you can do the same.

As you already know by now, the offline world of "dinosaur media" is still a thousand time better at getting attention than the breadcrumbs they throw us in the latest and most popular online arenas.

We keep to our Facebook and Twitter accounts, like strung-out junkies. And for one good reason.

Because the online world is a thousand times better at building deep, ongoing relationships than the billboard. Nobody is besties with the sign on the side of the road.

We need and value the man who sees the sign. The cross outside the church or the proverb on the electric signboard. But we need to bring him inside to hear the music.

We're stifled online because we're allowed NO REAL REACH.

When you're on social media, it's as if the enemy has parked a big dumptruck in front of all our signs.

And if you put a sticker, sign, or billboard in the real world, the fanatical SJWs are trained to immediately take it down. Why? Because that's where it's most dangerous. That's where it does the most "damage." The real world is where our ideas can be seen. They don't want us to achieve visibility.

But we won't win unless we have as much visibility as the local sports team and their ubiquitous jerseys proudly shown on the backs of ever fan.

The Trump shirts and hats achieve this, by doing what we should (eventually) be doing. It's why I've reluctantly offered t-shirts for sale for the past year.

Not because I like selling t-shirts, but because I, too must yeild to reality. And so should you.

Because we're frequently disconnected from those we finally gain access to. 

The hard-won but fleeting connections to the Tucker Carlsons, the Ann Coulters who follow us are quickly disconnected from the hardcore @DieJewDie accounts they WANT TO FOLLOW.

Sometimes it seems as if the SJWs systematically report all the radicals Tucker follows. Nah. That's just CRAZY talk.

So what's the solution?

To do what works in every time.

It's not sexy. But it works. And because it works, the enemy has, by systematic conditioning over your whole lifetime, has made sure you will resist it more than the idea of piling maneur into your passenger car. 

As he's done with every possible element of success. 

A printed, mailed newsletter is and has always been a thousand times better at bringing people back for months, years, or decades. 

It's the newsletter, the local paper, the magazine that keeps people smearing lube on their vaginas so the clipped, Jewish-looking penis doesn't chaff them when they screw. (The most commonly repeated idea in Cosmo magazine, BTW, available at EVERY SUPERMARKET IN THE COUNTRY)

The printed periodical WINS. And the enemy knows it. Hitler knew it. Gandhi knew it. I know it.

If you want your Ann Coulters and Tucker Carlsons anywhere, you want them voluntarily signed up to your print newsletter, where they'll always have your most recent addresses, the name of your most recent URL such as, no matter how many times they try to disconnect you.

And thanks to the way the postal system censors us in places like Canadistan, it's better that they get complimentary subscriptions to 10 of our newsletters than just one.

Otherwise, with a transient Twitter account and nothing else, you're only one SJW hissy fit away from being unplugged from Stefan Molyneux, Roscoe Jones, Spectre (you know who he is), and everyone else who LOVES what you dig up for them, who wants to connect and STAY CONNECTED.

Clicking "Subscribe" on the series of YouTubes just doesn't cut it anymore. They can shut it down at any time. 

The only reason they don't do it more often is so that you you'll stay strung out and addicted to platforms they control. So you won't start doing anything intelligent.

[Some newsletter writers have retained paying customers for 30 years with a monthly newsletter. And in the long term, retaining your most fanatical devotees is the most important thing you can do. In the business world, a paid newsletter pays for your never-ending, 300 piece-per-year mail and email campaign that allows you to do neat things like hold annual conferences and online town halls and form organizations that subvert existing political parties, cities, counties, and states.]

Here's the plan:

First, get them with a sticker. Then send them to a site that signs them up to your  physical, printed newsletter. 

The cost of shipping should pay for the hard costs of the stickers, shirt, book, newsletter and postage. Some are willing to help you out with $19 to pay the shipping cost of a free shirt, book, and 3 free months to your newsletter.

If 5% of these then pay the cover price for a monthly subscription, you should be break-even on the hard cost of printing and postage among this group. The paid subscribers should of course be lavished with extras. 

Videos and audios can have high perceived value, depending on how they're packaged.

Hopefully, a small percentage of site visitors springs for the incredible "free plus shipping" trial offer to receive some small, relatively inexpensive gift like a t-shirt, book, or other welcome gift. 

Three steps. Ideally, you want to collect phone numbers so you can whack them for more dollars any time things get skinny. Maybe their friends want a case of books, a shirt, or something else.

Constructing this takes years, but nobody succeeds at changing the world without some manual labor. 

Case Studies:

Lauren Southern, who's practically a baby in diapers, has done a more intelligent version of this by leveraging blonde hair and a pretty smile, but for old, ugly, fat, balding, smelly, stupid people like me, there are systems which are much more replicable.

Grant Cradone, quite late in life, has yeilded to a hybrid solution involving books, online media, phone rooms, video, and a private jet to fully leverage the skills and hairstyle he has.

Robert Ringer is the author of a book AND a sales funnel that showcased his system of positioning in commercial real estate. You may have heard of his book called Winning Through Intimidation.

Hundreds of very successful direct response marketers in the business world pay big money for every ad impression they get. So they don't waste them. 

At extraordinary expense, they develop optimized landing pages, multivariate split-testing, targeted advertising and/or a high-fee back end with leveraged service delivery such as high-ticket group events.

All to "sell you" on accepting a free book (or a $1 offer) that brings you into their funnel.

All of which is far beyond the scope of this post.

It's simple, but not easy, and they won't make it any easier. So instead, you have to grow as much as you possibly can and get better.

And find or create something you can sell to pay for the high cost of connecting to the masses and cementing your ideas in the public mind.

The podcast is one of the easiest formats for your listeners to] stay SSubscribed to. It's like Tumblr that way. The ideal platform for radicalization. How?

Because once they sign up, it's easier to stay than leave. So they'll probably stay with you for a long time. For as long as they're listening to podcasts.

But there's one problem.

This is a very fragile connection. You're hanging onto them by a thread. You have to "sell them" on listening every time. You've got seconds to do it. And you have to "sell them" on why they should keep listening.

In this process, the Pareto Principle rules the day. (The 80/20 rule)

Your top 20 people matter most. Of those, one or two matter more than the next 19 put together. These 20 matter more than the next 10,000, who matter more than the next million who've maybe heard of you once or twice.

In any endeavor, it's worth almost any expense to keep those top 20 people, since they're the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS.

And as King Solomon said, even a whisper (of false accusation) can separate the closest of friends.

All you need to hear is that your most trusted advisor "watches interracial Tumblr," which, for propaganda purposes, someone probably should be doing, cataloguing and documenting every bit as much as we catalogue, document and expose the interracial Cheerios commercials and pro-Jewish or anti-white Hollywood movie quotes, and it's very easy to get the wrong idea about someone in the leadership.

You can ask our Mr. Aurenheimer about how well it worked out being a one-time proponent of the white Israel hypothesis. He's not likely to answer, since it can't easily be explained away to the uninitiated. So he generally doesn't bother correcting the record. It took me years to finally track down his explanation.

It occurs to me that the past year of Terms of Fair Use segments has done very little to make a dent in the perception of someone who stumbles on some surprising facts and says, "Hey, I think we might be the real Hebrews." Tends not to go over well among mainstream white nationalists unless presented in exactly the right way.

But those hurdles aside, the first step is to GET THEM.

Can't keep a fish that isn't in the net.

And that means maximizing reach. And that means maximizing impressions.
ONLY the offline world can do this 

Because online, we're censored, shadow-banned, suspended, deactivated, marginalized and sidelined so fully, so unfairly, that even a sticker works better than a tweet. Seriously.

And when you can make them and place them 100 times more cheaply than they can be removed, you deplete the enemy's resources by forcing them to fight you on a battleground you contrl.

So yes, a sticker, at its best, is worth the cost.

How do you make it cheap? By making the recruits cheap.

With heirarchy. I don't want my top 20 guys putting up a single sticker.

I don't want my top 200 guys putting up a single sticker.

I want them handing out stickers to the top 2,000 or 200,000 guys who find places to put those stickers that draw people into the movement.

Not to a site. Not to a URL. To a growing, vibrant, thriving cross-platform hashtag that never dies. Let them try to fight a hashtag, or a thriving, vibrant, ever-changing family of hashtags, and they'll find it's impossible to shut it down.

How do I do any of this?

2) By inspiring you to take it to the next level by imitation and evolution.

3) By showing you a way toward a self-sustaining, non-violent resistance movement that costs you minimal time, expense, and risk.

4) By showing you a way to grow that builds on the principle of sowing seeds, and nurturing them and watching them grow. And building on that success.

So that the idea whose time has come can grow, even under the most harsh conditions of censorship, like we have today, and in the coming months and years.

5) Specifically, by showing you how to attract, train, and mobilize people in 15 minutes or 15 seconds without vetting.
Make it very easy for the guy who wants to hand out thousands of cheap stickers, and show him how to gain access to hundreds more who want to put up a couple of stickers.

And at the merest utterence of the idea the #GroyperJustice movement can be born.

And with a growing, thriving, vital system that flows and funnels dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of dedicated, fanatical people into growing core of sticker-posters, that reaches, connects with, and keeps connected to fanatics for decades, you will cement your ideas into the public mind, exactly as our ancestors have done for thousands of years.


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