The Really Real Employment Rate

In the year of our Lord 2015, about 29% of Americans were outside the work force. Some had an excuse, such as being very young or elderly.

And some were godless mooches living off the system.

Some were self-sufficient and don't need the system.

Of the 71% working, it wasn't necessarily high-paid, full-time work. Nor was it 16 hours a day of forced child labor like you'll find in Yahoodish capitalism, socialism, and communism. (Coming soon.)

Accounting for unworked hours that could be worked, a [supposedly] Jewish researcher figured the real unemployment at 42%. But you can imagine someone from the world-enslaving race would love to see 100% employment at 100+ hours per week. What's 16 million times 70 slaves? Oh, about the desired world population on the Georgia Guidestones.

From a plantation slave-owning perspective, Americans at less than 16% of their full enslavement potential, presumably working at the factories and shoving fertile white women into meat grinders mixed in with the ground pork that pop music is normalizing.

Not recommended. But inevitable.


It might be better to spend your non-"working" hours reducing your dependence on their system by becoming highly self-sufficient and/or by helping your neighbors (whether they can pay you or not, as in the Jesus Economy) so they'll do the same for you.

Shrivel that fig tree.

If you have to borrow, borrow from a neighbor. Because when you opt out as much as possible, it puts a crush on the pedo-cratic party.


The formalized version of "trading free services with neighbors" springs forth the fruit of full-fledged formalized barter, to keep strangers and newbies honest, and community currencies that nobody wants to run. And it ends up being a company store that's willing to do the job. (In existence in America into the 1970s.)


These days, it's easier to keep such currencies traded and liquid using crypto and fiat brokering and investment. With trades publicly visible, issued currencies can themselves be kept honest, relatively easily be brokered across communities to create greater liquidity or fun.

And over the next few years, technology will no doubt smooth out some of the bumps to make it damn near convenient and sensible to use. Usability? What's that?


It's what the banks figured out is the #1 priority over safety, security, or anything else. By keeping their cash cocaine as convenient as inhaling, nobody thinks about alternatives until it's too late.


To start or participate in such a marketplace, you need something called "friends." And maybe some sort of social networking can facilitate.

You might need some of those to help form one of those "community" things that are all the rage.


And it helps to have some idea how to advertise, sell, or promote the kinds of services you might be able to offer. Eventually, you'll find a niche in such a system called a marketplace that's convenient, stable, pays fairly well, and is reasonably recession-proof.

It's called a job.

Like making everyone else's eggs for them. It's called business.

None of which really works very well in combination with a mass influx of diseased mass-rapist strangers who want to set you on fire for wearing summer clothing or whatever.

So don't be where the violent immigrants and blaques are, and obey the Lord your God, and you should be fine.