So That Everything You Sow Will Prosper

One of the ways to save lots of money is to grow some of your own food without slaving away or hiring wage slaves or keeping slave labor or even cheap child labor.

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Fighting back against economic injustice.
So because you realized you're being held back economically, maybe due to your ethnicity, you started a farm for $600 on someone else's land, pre-sold some Cornish Cross broilers (meat chickens) in 58 short days and turned a big old profit.

But now it's time to re-invest in some tooling, some greens, do some market gardening. You know what's hot in your area. It's time.

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Pictured: Paper Pot Transplanter
Lots of things are profitable, so you shouldn't do things merely because they're profitable. Some profitable things are also very powerful and/or worthwhile, and can be combined with other things.

You want to plant things. 

Good news. This is the answer to your prayers. How to scale up and work quickly.

So you hear about soil blocks. These are perfect for the small family planting BIG things that need their space. Melons, cabbage, pumpkins, tomatoes. NOT perfect for intensive market gardening at maximum speed.

As you're bending over, slowly transplanting something by hand, patting it down and giving it a first drink of water, imagine your competition zipping by at 15 miles per hour planting 25,000 plants in 4 rows spaced 6 inches apart.

Small-farm industrial scale has arrived to help you load up the ground with all your turnips, carrots, and all kinds of good things.

High-efficiency tools give you an extra day off per week. I'll show you several ways that you can prosper, even if you don't have a lot of acreage, or even an acre.

What if you could seed a field even FASTER than the big industrial machines? Well... you can!

Best multi-row seeder on the market does what it's supposed to do.
If you plant 10 beds a week, you save 11 hours over a 35-week season vs. other rapid seeders.*
What if you could eliminate almost all of the bending, stretching and actually transplant more than 100 plants per minute, and load the trays with 250 seeds in less than a minute, and harvest 100 plants in a minute.

That's 100 plants seeded, transplanted, and harvested in 3 minutes on well-prepared beds. That's the kind of game-changer I'm talking about.

What if you could use a non-electric paper pot transplanter (with your choice of spacing) that zips out a row or bed of hundreds of plants, turning hours of work into minutes?

Imagine harvesting all these grown plants about 4 times faster with a greens harvester, and then delivering those greens to customers who are less than 15 minutes away instead of 15 hours away? That's 60 times less travel.

And now imagine you can charge about 9 times more than your competitors for your produce because you have nutrient-dense, locally-grown product that tastes amazing and everyone can taste the difference.

What if you could also extend your growing season, boost the productivity in the off-season, boost the the health, productivity, and fertility of your soil as you use it, virtually eliminate weeding and pest control, totally eliminate dangerous tractors and related equipment and never run out of eager buyers for your ultra-high quality product?

Now what if I said urban farmers are crushing it, making $80,000 to $100,000 a year on an QUARTER acre you don't own raising vegetables? What if I said a family could grow 85% of their own food in less than 1 acre?

These rapid seeders, transplanters and harvesters are the game changers that make your uber-local market garden more competitive and lucrative than it's ever been before, so that each acre is planted to 40 times more densely and yields 3 to 4 crops per year instead of one.

This creates a no-compromise lifestyle. You don't have to move far away, take on big financial or physical risks, make big leaps, you can earn a city income on a pretty reasonable working schedule with some time off each year, can learn as you go, create a surplus of premium-quality, premium-priced product and have plenty for yourself, for your friends and neighbors.

Food that you can preserve easily, or keep for more than a year without electricity, and grow rich like an Egyptian Pharoah by turning big problems into big opportunities, allowing you to grow a big family of unlimited size so that God can multiply you as numerous as the stars in the sky.

And if you want, one day you can become a permaculture expert by turning one of the most dangerous, most difficult jobs where the average farmer is struggling into one of the safest and most lucrative jobs where you are prospering by doing things in new, more healthy, responsible, sustainable ways, which is what the market is willing to pay for.

I was never a fan of growing plants until I saw how quick and easy it could be. The only way to make it easier is to feed the seeds to the chickens and pigs and let them plant them. (Which they will, actually.)

Game-changing 6-row seeder
Each acre is used 12 to 40 times more densely and 3 to 4 crops per year instead of one.

Weeding is virtuall eliminated with preventive flame weeding and yard selection, by knowing the weeds and how to properly uproot and suppress them.

Weeding digging and plowing is a thing of the past.

There are obviously other things to know. What to plant and when, which crops are the most profitable, even in winter, including microgreens, how to rotate through cover crops like green manure, handling the business side, such as marketing. Because that's what repays your investment in these tools, and the time you've invested in learning how to use these techniques.

As propagandists, since we're all participating in mass media, when we're promote a culture that's better-connected to nature, closer to common sense, and returning to ways that are robust, anti-fragile systems and ways of life that have proven to make us much harder to kill.

We want ways that work, but it's less work, and less like working.

You are what you eat.

From a surface area perspective, food is the primary way you experience the world, with more square feet of surface area in your digestive tract, you're bigger on the inside than you are on the outside.

Your body is exposed to food more than it's exposed to oxygen.

Food's important in the Bible. The fall of man is caused by something we weren't supposed to eat. The dietary laws tell you what's clean and unclean to eat. The feasts and fasts tell you when and where you're supposed to eat or not eat.

Jesus brings us the bread of life and says man cannot live by bread alone.

That's the reason why you really want to know where your food comes from.

And the reason why you want to succeed in growing food is because if you can learn what it takes to thrive in farming without debts and big financing, then you'll have the most solid foundation. You'll probably make more money than the guy running his brand new combine on 100 acres.

Of course, there is one method that works even better, uses NONE of this equipment, and is even less work, less weeding, less capital investment, and produces more natural, high-quality, great-tasting, mineral rich food that makes you strong, healthy, and happy.

I call it "God's Cheat Code for Biblical Gardening", appropriate to abundant homesteading, survival gardening, minimum-effort gardening, but it's not focused on high-dollar outputs or high volume production, and works best in conjunction with some kind of livestock.

* The multi-row seeders may need more bed prep than the multi-row seeders, which is why some farmers will actually prefer a single-row seeder. But if you use equipment that preps all your beds nice and flat, then multi-row seeders are much faster.


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