Commies Want To Nuke America

NOTHING in this article should be construed to endorse cuckery, non-violence, or pacifist political approaches in a world with NO POLITICAL SOLUTION.

Commies want to nuke America. I have proof.

Assessing the Threat:

Nuclear threats include the economic impact of paralyzing psychological dread, the blast itself, radiation, fallout, and potential for nuclear winter from tampering with the upper atmosphere.

All of which have lingering psychological and economic effects.

Those Evil Commies!

Nevertheless, commies think it's perfectly fine to drop bombs on people who won't surrender their guns to the all-powerful anti-Christ, pedophile-run government.

The Commies Don't Like You Very Much

If you understand how their methods work, their motivation is perfectly clear. And Jesus told you exactly how to fight them. 

But he also knew you wouldn't listen.  Not until things get bad. Expect mandatory fully automatic child raping machines installed in all public schools, and a ban on homeschooling punishable by cruel and unusual public executions.

With anime. And techno.

Why Are They Doing This?

They're not doing it. They're doing a trial balloon to see who freaks out and how much.

The meme is already working its way up the blogosphere food chain.

Why the "nuke America" threat?

One, to test another method of grabbing guns. They seem to think threatening to kill you will do that. And it might. Why?

Because the average cattle-brained normie on a steady diet of salt, corn syrup, etc. succumbs to the slightest pressure, and won't lift a finger to protect his rights anymore. 

This is because demoralization and decades of chemical warfare worked.

Two, to prevent you from considering the one thing that will solve our little problem:

Bombing those deadly dangerous Sodomites off the face of the earth. Which is long overdue, IMO. (And Jesus vehemently approves.)

Here's how this works:

They accuse you of being a racist, and you react by making yourself as blind to race as humanly possible.

They could accuse you of being a terrorist, and you'd react by refusing to threaten anyone, even in the smallest little teeny tiny way.

For example, by saying Jesus will come in a cloud to burn them all dead. What's so bad about terrorism? Jesus is a terrorist. PAY ATTENTION.

Why do they accuse you? Simple...

To stop you from doing things that would easily defeat them, they throw all kinds of accusations at you. Some true. Some truthy. Some false.

They might accuse you of being a Nazi, and you VOLUNTARILY tell everyone who'll listen how evil the Nazis are, what a shame it is, how terrified you are, and that you're not like them, don't tolerate them, and you quickly kick them out faster than a nagger trying to move into your neighborhood and date your daughter.  Which is what the devil wants.

So tell me. Why do you serve the devil so easily?

Because it's easier. Because you protect your reputation with your life. Because the devil offers you all your creature comforts. It's true. Why work when you can slide into a lazy puddle of goo, making easy money and being drizzled with salty, sugary treats from your earthly master?

Being safe from the attacks of liberals is worth selling your soul, right? You want people to think you're a good person, forgetting that NONE IS GOOD BUT GOD. Who says so?

Yeah. We need to talk about that Bible you pretended to read? Because according to Jesus, you fake Christian cuck fraud, none is good but God, INCLUDING JESUS.

And that's not a small point. Because look what happens to all those attacks when you know you're not good:

They accuse you of being descended from slave-holders, and you reject and denounce slavery, even though the Bible is clearly in favor of it, and it's nothing to be ashamed of, and EVERY country except white countries and every people except whites still keep slaves RIGHT NOW. And you're one of them, when you bow to the children of the devil instead of God.

Predicted Fallout Zones

They accuse you of genocide, and you presume it's a bad thing. Two reasons. The Holocaust and native Injun extermination is all your fault and because you, whitey, are inherently evil, just like your genocidal ancestors. Forgetting, of course, that Moses and Jesus DEMAND genocide, and punish all who fail to engage in it. Like slavery, that's everybody but us whites, if you look into it for yourself instead of blindly trusting the rich elite banker's movies, magazines, comics, news, books, University professors and TV shows.

And now, dear friend, they're about to accuse you of all the nuclear war in history, and pretend it's a bad thing, when it's the ideal tool to rid the world of Democrats.

Yes. The ideal tool.

Those fascist bigots tend to bundle themselves up in cities. But it's a little hard to burn a city using non-nuclear methods. Too much fireproofing. You could use firebombs, as they did in Tokyo, or you could use nukes.

By saying, "We'll nuke you Republicans if you don't give up your guns", or words to that effect, every podcaster, YouTuber, and right-wing media outlet will predictably trot out the "I'm the Good Guy" reaction and denounce the use of nukes against Americans.

Which strikes me as a little hasty.

They accuse you of being a fascist. They know how effective fascism is. Rome and the US are built on teaming up for mutual benefit. Why? What did you think fascism was? Forming up together. Like an unbreakable bundle of sticks. Simple, but effective.

They'll accuse you of being a patriarchal white Christian male. What a useful thing to be! Might actually have the competence to do something about all the white guys killing themselves with opiates if you believed in yourself. 

If you had a TINY MUSTARD SEED OF FAITH in yourself, like the gospel talks about. I'm telling ya. Jesus is on your side. Even named the Jews. (Rev 3:9, John 8:44)

Do They Really Want To Nuke America?

Yes, commies want to nuke America. They already have. And poisoned our air and water supply several different ways, and our education system, and every source of information and entertainment easily available to the general public.

And if you give up your guns, you'll just make it easier for them to nuke it some more.

But once you understand their simple pattern of emotionally abusive tactics, you'll insist on being everything they want don't want you to be.

They're lying murderers. Bullies, whores and abusers. A den of thieves. They don't fight fair.

You might have forgotten the US Government has already nuked America. For decades. Maybe the most nuked country on the planet at their nuclear testing ranges, exposing soldiers and John Wayne's movie crew died early deaths due to lingering radiation.

Who approved nuclear testing in America? Or nuclear weapons at all?

If you have to ask, you really haven't been paying attention. The commies hate Jesus, love stuffing dildos into people, raping, murdering, and openly and publicly plot our extermination.

At some point, you'll realize these people and their puppet masters are infectious biological waste walking around in body suits and the solution will become perfectly clear to you.

And that's when you'll realize being a patriarchal white male Christian racist Nazi terrorist who wants to nuke and/or firebomb the Democrats out of America would the first good thing you've done in your life.


Now FFS read your goddamned Bible before you end up doing exactly what the Satan-worshiping pro-molester psychologically abusive crybully Democrats want you to do.


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