7 Ways Become A Propaganda Master

My earliest articles showed you exactly, step-by-step, how to become a strategic, not tactical thinker to build and engineer your own propaganda powerhouse to weild in your hands the single most effective weapon of war.

I taught you the logistics of the mass dissemination of propaganda on an unimaginably large scale. Because one it's proven profitable instead of expensive, the sky's the limit.

It's worth repeating.

IF IT PUTS MONEY IN YOUR POCKET TO FIGHT EVIL, you'll last a hell of a lot longer and reach a lot more people than if it costs you money.

Especially if it makes you filthy, stinking rich, allowing you to expand to reach every corner of the planet with the truth. This is why it's not evil, in my opinion, for preachers to profit by preach to the albino aboriginees, so long as they're telling the truth.

"White people went to the moon. What have you done? Now bow to the God they worship and act more like a white man, and they won't need to keep stomping your kind into extinction."

I showed you how to get paid to do it, how to get others to gladly, gratefully pay you for the privilege of advertising what you do. And some of you did it. And I was pleased to see it.

These life-changing articles are now rotting away. Some of its links, videos and images are now slowly slipping into the void, but the truth within them is eternal.

No, it's not the whole story. It's work. But it's paid work. Does it pay well? That depends on you.

Do you have a message the people want to see? Are they willing to pay to support it? Are they willing to work to get the message out?

Where there's a will, there's a way. When the time comes, when calamity strikes, we'll see if people have the will to live, to save themselves and others. Those who aren't willing to die to save others won't even be saved themselves. So I wouldn't keep company with such people.

These earliest articles, some of them lengthy e-books, are yours to explore, while they lst.

How much did they correctly predict the future? What did they get wrong?

Article Number One:
Maximize Your Money In Minimum Time by Turning one of Your Biggest Expense Items (Advertising) Into a Massive Profit Generator Mailing letters to advertise your business, magazine, newsletter, or podcast is proven to be effective. There's just one problem. It costs a FORTUNE.

But it doesn't have to cost YOU a fortune. Here's how to get others to pay you to promote what you do.

Article 2: Everything You Do Shall Prosper
The Powerhouse That Makes A Massive Success of Any Kind of Business With Mathematical Certainty Quick Question: Does God want you to listen to Him, or to instead listen to a bunch of a deceived world full of false apostles, false prophets, and phony clergy from corrupt seminary schools? I'll give you a hint: God sent dozens of prophets to warn you about these frauds and fools. Which you'd already know if you read the book. (But don't sweat it. In His mercy, God intends man's evil for His good.)

Next question: Is your country morally better than it was a hundred years ago? Two hundred years ago? Three hundred years ago? If not, then the church definitely screwed up by failing to teach His laws to breed thousands of Christ-loving generations of soldiers who would DO THEM. All of them. So trust God.

He gave you the rules of lending. If you don't do it, the fire is coming for you and your family. So IGNORE all the heathens and do what GOD THE FATHER says to do.

Article 3:
Life-Changing Secrets of the T-Shirt Empire Sourcing them super cheap, if necessary, using them as advertising, or creating jobs for friends and family by selling them.

Article 4:
Bulletproof Propaganda... The Mightiest Shield and Sword Made of Paper And Airwaves Used to temporarily save Germany from evil and light the way for hundreds of generations to come.

Article 5:
A Surprisingly Simple Way Get Yourself Paid To Distribute Propaganda (And everything you need to know to do it yourself.)

Article 6:
How To Design Your Own Psychological Engineering System Secrets of a mass-influencer system I've personally used to begin to psychologically dominate almost any group I want to "infiltrate".

Article 7:
Flyers And Inserts Costs Nothing To Give Away
No matter how talented and smart you are, you're never going to be a rising star of mass media mastery by spending your own paycheck to climb to the top. Even if you had the money, you'd never have the brain space to master a day job AND launch a mass media empire.

DO NOT try to work a day job, come home, write a hundred articles, print them yourself to save money, and go distribute them every week.

Employees and vendors can go raise money for you, can write the articles, can print and distribute them, can supervise the other employees once you're committed to giving them something PROFITABLE TO DO.

Your specialty is to be a rare and priceless visionary,  to paint a picture of the destination, break it down into goals, to lead by example, to cracking the whip to keep 5 executive vice presidents moving, who crack the whip to lead a core of 25 talented managers, who each wrangle 5 supervisors who each manage 5 employees and multiply their achievement through outsourcing a tightly-controlled budget, who operate through their discretion toward a goal given to them by YOU, their leader.

By operating this way, one man can lead five media companies or five hundred. or five thousand. Especially if each employee systematically manages and serves multiple accounts according to a single set of company policies.

This is the heirarchical structure. What this creates is a single point of failure, apparently, unless you have hundreds of overlapping systems, heirarchies, and services led by hundreds of people heading toward the same goal.

Our enemy, the prince of this world, boueyed up by the juggarnaut profit-sucking parasite of global lending (without competition from organized system of Christian competitors) has about 8,000 of these heirarchies, led by about 8,000 people, handed down from generation to generation, each paid handsomely to serve a single goal: enslaving the world by forcibly breeding out whites to exterminate them before their evil is brought to light.


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