7 Secrets To Sustain Yourself And Your Family In The Coming Famine

Not long ago, I wrote a series of secret articles, filled with forbidden wisdom to help you and your family sustain itself and even thrive in the coming famine.

Yes. Famine. Happens to the best of us, and America is no exception. It's likely to happen to any white or non-white country.

And my non-economic indicators show that on this path, it's about to happen to ours.

Especially in light of the inevitable coming economic collapse and the real unemployment rate, made invisible by so many of the artifically high economic indicators.

Because the easy money of last year has made the year of our Lord two thousand and nineteen look artificialy strong, just as giving kids a lot of sugar makes them artificially energetic before the sugar crash.

But despite the crash, the recessions, the great depressions, despite the die-off of millions of lazy urbanites, useful idiots, and luke-warm church-goers, you'll still have plenty of food if you work for it now.

God didn't send his loving wisdom so that you'd have to suffer, but so you would live.

Heirarchy isn't just for dominating the marketplace of ideas with mass-propaganda distrubution chains leading to the inevitable conquest of the world. It's also for family farming.

Article ONE:

Find out what you and mom's in charge of in the first great pro-women, female empowerment article, Mom, CEO of Homestead, Inc.

Article TWO:

Our enemies may discourage homestead farms and because farms encourage white breeding. If you think one kid is too many to manage, how many kids is enough when it already feels like you've got your hands full?

Article THREE:

Which came first? The homestead chickens or homestead eggs? You'll love your birds so much, I'll bet you'll want to multiply them, especially when you know how easy it is to raise baby chicks into laying hens.

It can cost less to raise your own bird than to buy them, but it also may mean a safer, healthier, more mineral-rich plate of food if you want to do it right.

Article FOUR:

When going to al the trouble of raising food, and the all-meat vs. no-meat diets competing for your attention, the all-fat vs. no-fat camps prophecying death and destruction, you have to ask whether a long, healthy vegan life is better, or if it's the paleo diet of our ancestors. Which Jew is Right About My Food?

If you've settled on growing birds for your homestead or farm, which bird should you start with? Depends where you are, what you're starting with, and what you want. Me? I want to eat a dozen eggs a day and virtually swallow a thanksgiving bird in a single bite. Your needs may vary.

Article FIVE:

If you want bird choice made simple, read to learn which bird you should you start with.

Does it this sound like a lot of work? Then remember: Eugenics isn't just for people. It's for plants and animals, too.

Article SIX:

By embracing a more aggressive, Darwinian view, allowing for the survival of the fittest in your garden, and all those you allow to live, you can thrive when the best of the best of your food forest survives on...

Sheer, Total, Utter Neglect (and Abuse) Farming. Yes, strategically abuse and neglect your garden and farm to greater health and vitality.

Article SEVEN:

And even without mass immigration from Jose and Pepe, you'll still have plenty of help to DO THE WORK FOR YOU when you finally Stop Being Slaves To Your Children.

Those are the 7 great articles on declaring your food independence so you can grow food for 12 kids in 7 minutes a day per kid with healthier food for pennies on the dollar.

The system scales beautifully, adapts to all different climates, works in urban, suburban and rural areas. Almost anywhere in the city, burbs and sticks. (It can work for anyone except excuse-makers.)

Because the America you know is very likely to be destroyed on the path we're on, and not just because liberals literally want to nuke America.

And, of course, lacking in the powers of logical reasoning men are blessed with, and behaving on "chick logick", almost all women are naturally more vulnerable to deception, becoming whatever propaganda turns them into. They don't have the natural mechanisms for "System 2 Thinking" to unravel the simple lies, repeated in a thousand ways every day.

So please enjoy these articles, feel free to pass them on, listen to Fair Use, sign up to be bombarded by occassional emails and hopefully more great articles like these.

And because I simply cannot be stopped, I might even write 7 more ways to sustain yourself and your family.


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